Our Imam

Imam.Abu Amr M.AL Hassan is the Imam of Muslim Community of Palm Beach County, Inc. Imam.Abu Amr was born in Egypt and moved to US during 2006.

  • Imam Abu Amr has the certificate from Institute of Imams & Preachers Preparation from AL-Alawqaaf, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Egypt.
  • Imam Abu Amr has the highest License of Bachelor Degree in Arabic language and Islamic studies from Al-Azhar University, Egypt.
  • Imam Abu Amr has the highest of Recitations of Al-Azar University, Egypt. Abu Amr did his high school at Religious Institute Al-Azhar, Egypt.
  • Imam Abu Amr has fully memorized the Qura’an, and is a certified Hafidh, an Alim, a certified Imam and has memorized over 20,000 hadith.

  • Abu Amr perform the full time duties of Imam including Jumm’ah Khutbah, lectures, youth counseling, and resolving marital and family disputes. Daily teaching of Tajweed, Quran and Arabic language to students and Imams. He recite the Holy Quran from memory and lead the Ramadan Tarweeh prayer. Performing all services, education and Daawa activities in accordance to Allah’s Book, Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah, and authentic Scholar opinions. Conducting marriage ceremonies and funeral and burial rituals, and counseling in family disputes, divorce, marriage, and provide spiritual guidance. Abu Amr also create and supervise social, family, and youth activities and programs including trips, summer camps, picnics, and carry out Eid activities and celebrations. He also actively participates in interfaith dialogue and actively welcomes members of the other faith to our mosque.