Welcome to the Muslim Community of Palm Beach County

The Muslim Community of Palm Beach County Inc. (MCPBC) is the largest organization of Muslims in the Greater Palm Beach and surrounding area, with an estimated population of approximately 5000 people. MCPBC was established during the year 1985 and for the last 3 decades our mosque has grown several fold. We offer a number of Islamic services, including hosting daily prayers, marriage ceremonies, children's education, religious counseling, interfaith dialogue, and other community activities. Please visit the mosque and meet the dedicated volunteer staff.

Upcoming Programs

Hajj & The Life of Ibrahim (AS)

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters.

MCPBC invite each and everyone of you to attend this beautiful lecture on "The Hajj and Legacy of Ibrahim (AS) by Mufti Izhar Khan - Imam of Margate Masjid.

Insha Allah, the lecture is on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 after Maghrib Salaah (around 7:50 PM) at MCPBC.

Dinner will be served.